Valentines Day Vampire GFE


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Valentines Day with your Vampire Girlfriend (GFE)

Your sexy vampire girlfriend Aerie has a special Valentine’s day surprise for you. She shows off her cute, pink outfit and pulls it down, revealing her big, natural tits. Aerie shows you her juicy ass and takes off her black panties, before spanking it a few times for your enjoyment. Are you turned on yet? The teasing is just getting started.
Aerie sits on the couch and plays with her wet pussy for a while before suggesting to get liquid bonded with you. She bites her wrist and tells you to drink her luscious liquid which turns you on even more. Despite Aerie’s sharp vampire teeth, you are eager to feel her lips around your hard cock. She gets on her knees and starts sucking your dick, making it wet with body liquid and spit. Aerie tries hard to not use her teeth during the blowjob, but ends up biting your dick anyway. She apologizes and can’t help but admit that you taste delicious.
Aerie puts your hard cock between her big tits and starts bouncing them up and down. Just before you are ready to cum, she sucks the tip of your cock until you fill her mouth with cum. Maybe soon Aerie will be able to suck your cock without almost biting it off!

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