SESTA / FOSTA: What It Means For The Adult Industry by Aerie_SM

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SESTA and FOSTA Passing: What Does It Mean For Camgirls

SESTA and FOSTA have been making their rounds causing many websites and user platforms to make updates to their terms of service. Now that these changing are effecting non-sexworker civilians the world is finally interested in preventing these new laws from moving forward. Most sex workers already know what SESTA and FOSTA mean for us: no more having explicit video on file hosting and sharing services that aren’t adult friendly. Sites we use become liable for our posts, therefore we’ll probably be using the promotional uses of our social media, sites will be deeming us high risk and most likely deleting us, and many more things. What the world did not anticipate was that all of these things meant to destroy the careers of sex workers would also effect their day to day life. Congrats dudes! You played yourselves.

Here are some of the things that normal non-sexworker civilians can no longer do:

Microsoft / Skype – Sexy Skype calls with their long distance lover, it is now against Microsoft terms of service, and Microsoft owns Skype. Oh, they can also spy on your calls and ban you if you do it anyway!

XBox Live – Thought you had privacy in your group chat? Think again. All of those party chats on Xbox Live can now get you banned for offensive language. Watch out when you drop an F*** bomb!

OneDrive – If there are offensive words found in your OneDrive documents, they might get deleted, oh and you might get banned!

Social Media – If you make controversial posts, you might get banned from your social media! If something you say is considered high risk and gets you reported a lot then you’ll probably at least face a suspension. The sites are now liable for what you’re producing on their platform!


Tips For Avoiding Legal Troubles

This is a concise list, but there will be more additions soon as more sites update their Terms of Services to fall in line with the new rules presented to them. It effects the lives of everyone, but sex workers are going to take an extra hard hit with these new rules. Here are some tips for sex workers on how to avoid legal troubles with SESTA and FOSTA:

Remove Explicit Files – Remove all of your explicit files from any site that has updated their terms of service to reflect changes due to these new laws.

Don’t Promote “In Person” Services – Any posts that could possibly be conceived as escorting (even if it’s not and sex isn’t promised!) like date raffles or meet ups, cash point meets, anything that involves meeting after you’ve received money… remove it immediately!

Working On Multiple Sites – Start splitting your time across different sites, especially if the sites that you are on allow date raffles to be held, they may experience down-time in the interim of these laws coming to pass as they update terms of services and possibly get forced to shut down temporarily until they become lawful.

Is Your Site / Hosting Company Adult-Friendly – If you have a personal website, check to see if the company is adult friendly. If not, move immediately. Even sites like Wix and WordPress are starting to flag and remove “high risk” adult accounts.

Censoring Social Media Posts – Start censoring your posts. Now that social media sites will be liable for things you post, if it consumed by minors it can cause major problems for you and for the site it’s posted on, censor everything!

No Explicit Posts – Do not post anything explicit unless it is behind a pay wall or on an adult friendly site with an 18+ warning displayed upon entering.

Use VPNs – If you provide escort services, create back up emails and use VPNs. If you provide Skype services use VPNs.


Stay Safe Out There!

Stay safe out there everyone! These new laws coming into play will make advertising harder, especially on full service sex workers. If we stay strong and comply to these rules while also fighting back, we can accomplish a lot!