SMConnect: The New Way to Broadcast on Streamate


What is SM Connect?

SM Connect is the new way to broadcast on Streamate that does not require Flash! Since Flash is essentially being removed from most web interfaces, Streamate’s old broadcasting system would no longer work since the broadcast page required Flash. Since Flash isn’t obsolete yet, using the original interface is still an option and is what most models are doing since SM Connect is still in very early stages of development.


What’s the difference between SM Connect and the regular way to broadcast on Streamate?

SM Connect has a “newer” look to it, with more aesthetic functionality. With this roll-out, they introduced a theme changer which allows you to switch between Light and Dark layouts on your screen. This is very convenient for cam models who spend a long time staring at their screen! You can also connect your interactive toy directly through their browser and it will display to your viewers that you are using an interactive toy (it is currently NOT compatible with Lovense products.) The products currently recommended to connect with the broadcaster are Kiiroo products.

This new layout also eliminated the different chat windows, when you get taken premium or exclusive you would originally “jump” to a new chat box labeled “paid chat” but now it all remains in one window and the user list on the side has a drop down for paid chat and guest chat. SM Connect also does not have the “potential members” feature that was just introduced recently in the original broadcaster.

SM Connect does not currently support Cam to Cam or Gold Shows!

SM Connect is currently compatible with external encoders and web browsing but NOT SM Broadcast which is Streamate’s own encoder.


How do you try SM Connect?

Models are encouraged to try out the new broadcasting page by opting in to trying new products and clicking the notification at the top of their dashboard to test it and give feedback.