Snapchat Accounts Being Reported To Rig ManyVids Competitions? By Aerie_SM


ManyVids Contest Participants Getting Snapchat Accounts Reported

Are you a model who runs a private Snapchat? Do you participate in ManyVids contests and do well? If this applies to you, make sure you’re doing good note keeping of your customers because there is someone sabotaging models! Top MV models love to promote in the contests, and a lot of their traffic comes from their Snapchat.


People Taking Advantage Of Easier Snapchat Reporting!

Since Snapchat’s handy update of managing separate stories, many people have merged their accounts into one. Great for ease of use, great for staying active, but horrible for being reported. Snapchat’s newest update has made reporting so much easier. And someone is voting in the contests to get models private Snapchat information and reporting them, so that they won’t be able to promote the contest to their viewers!

In an effort to avoid name dropping on things that can’t be proven, I won’t be disclosing who. You should be able to tell who the victims of this girl are, just by who consistently places in the contests. Watch out for wolves in sheeps clothing!


Promoters Also Also Harassing Premium Snapchat Models

This isn’t the only problem that has happened this week on Snapchat, models are now beginning to be harassed by “promoters” who are saying if they don’t give them free access to premium content in return for promotion that they will report the model! Snapchat seems to really be cracking down, as over 20 models have had their accounts terminated with no warning this week alone.


Tips To Avoid / Deal With A Snapchat Ban

How can you avoid this? Time to make life hard again and switch back to different accounts for public and private. If you happen to upset someone and they report your public and you aren’t posting nudes, you won’t have to worry about losing your following.

Be a good note keeper. Keep a list of your members and keep it active and updated. When Snapchat deletes your account, you will not be able to log back in and recover your friends list or any unsaved photos or videos from your story.

If someone reports your private account that means someone bought in and reported it. The safest way to ensure that your next account won’t be removed is to keep tabs on when it’s deleted who was recently added. Some models suggest making people buy back in so that if they do report again at least you’d be making a profit.


Who The Hell Is Reporting The MV Girls!?

Is it worth it? This is a rage fueled article, I had 2 accounts taken down this week. Is it a hateful model? Upset promoter? Vengeful freeloader? I’ll never know because Snapchat doesn’t disclose who reported you. Instead of running a private Snapchat I have decided that I will only have a public account and promote subscription sites on it, since it is safer and the sites are adult friendly. OnlyFans and ModelCentro are great examples of sites to use as a Snapchat replacement if you do happen to be deleted. Snapchat is cracking down on reports so models, beware!