Camgirls: Snapchat Takeover Guide + List of Accounts

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Pornstars: How To Do A Successful Snapchat Takeover

Snapchat takeovers are becoming increasingly popular in the cam community due to the fact they provide models with exposure, allowing them to share pieces of themselves and their image with potential customers. As takeovers become more popular, new Snapchat accounts spring up and the rules and regulations that takeover accounts set for models taking over their account also become more strict. The more viewers a Snapchat account has, the more “prestigious” it becomes, and the harder it becomes to take over the account. So how does a cam girl go about hooking a takeover and executing it well?


Plan Your Snapchat Takeover and Do A Unique Activity

Plan an activity and have availability in mind: Snapchat accounts with mass followings will generally “book” you to takeover their account. Remember that if they have a lot of viewers they probably have a lot of girls take over, so do something to make you stand out from the “twerking on the pink shag rug in their bedroom” takeovers. Head to the beach, go on a hike, visit your cam friend, go sight seeing, ask random people in the street their opinion on your butt… just do something that is an activity!


Don’t Over Promote Yourself and Your Services

Don’t over-promote yourself: we all love the publicity that comes from taking over a Snapchat, and of course the money that comes with it. Sometimes this will lead to girls who over-promote themselves (a.k.a. putting a link to their website/social media on EVERY single post they make.) Some girls will call this “watermarking” and in that case please do not do Snapchat takeovers. The goal is to mutually benefit the takeover account as well as yourself. Part of this is advertising and socializing on their behalf and not slapping your name on every post.


Turn Chat On and Interact

Interact: unless you are explicitly told not to turn chat on, definitely do it! The nicer you seem, the more customers you’ll gain. If someone says hi, say hello back! Open up your chat to a Q&A session, this will get lots of posts up and let your potential customers get to know you.


Offer Deals and Promos For New Customers

Offer deals. New customers will be more inclined to purchase from you if you offer them a discount. Offering discount codes to your sites or discounted Skypes for “first time buyers” will increase the odds of gathering attention from a new group of people.


Don’t Act Overly Sexy

Don’t be too sexy: seriously, this is a problem some people have. Talking in your “I’m a mysteriously seductive lady who is wet every second of the day” voice and constantly sporting a hand bra while letting out the longing “I would love your cock in me” sigh…is good in small amounts. But it’s not all about that! Have a personality, if people wanted that whole seductive experience the entire time they’d watch some tube site porn. Giving them a taste of who you are will spark their interest in you.


But Don’t Be Too Bland Either

But also, don’t be too bland: posting a picture of your dog or cat, okay cute. Posting 7 pictures and 3 videos of you yelling in your pet parent voice at your dog or cat while they entertain the camera, no. Keep a good balance of sexy, cute, and friendly.


Make Sure To Thank The Takeover Account

Always thank the account that lets you take over: they did not have to let you take over their account, and it does you a bigger favor than it does for them! So always make sure to thank the accounts that let you take over, and with any luck you can take over again.


Camming Sites and Other Networks With Snapchat Takeovers

Here are some of the different sites that host Snapchat takeovers. If we’re missing one, shoot us an email to and let us know. We’d be happy to add it.

CAM4 – CAM4 is a popular camming site. CAM4 regularly has Snapchat takeovers featuring CAM4 models.

FanCentro – FanCentro is a network for premium Snapchat, Instagram and fanclubs. FanCentro has a promotional Snapchat account that their influencers can take over.

iWantClips – iWantClips is a fetish clip site specializing in domme. iWantClips has a promotional Snapchat account that their models can take over.

Pornhub – Pornhub is the world’s most popular tube site. Must be part of the Pornhub Verified Amateur Program.

Redtube – Redtube is a popular tube site.

Teddy’s Girls – Teddy’s Girls is a network for premium Snapchat subscriptions Teddy’s Girls has a promotional Snapchat account that offers takeovers for their models.

Youporn – YouPorn is a popular tube site. Must be part of the Pornhub Verified Amateur Program.


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