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Is SPLTStream Cam-Splitting Software Worth the Hype?


SPLTStream: a new cam-splitting software revolutionizing split camming

Not long ago, split camming was something that could only be thought of as a nightmare. Managing the never ending rabbit hole of open tabs, multiple conversations in the different tabs, tip sounds but from where? Which tab? Oh goodness! Thanks to a new technology innovation by the name of SPLTStream, you no longer have to deal with the stress of managing multiple chat rooms, since it combines all of the sites into one easy to use and manage page all within their software. Long story short, the software is amazing. If you don’t believe me you’re more than welcome to check out our SPLTStream Adult Cam Splitting Software Demo / Guide video or our review of the software, Diving into SPLTStream: The Best Cam Splitter Software.

Is SPLTStream worth the hype?

If we haven’t gotten the point across that we think this amazing software is a game changer already, then you’re in luck! We had the pleasure of interviewing a beta tester for SPLTStream, Jolene Harper! Our team of camming models already thinks that the software is incredible, but we thought you might enjoy some more perspective! Here are the questions we had for Jolene:

Split camming can be a scary thought because of how complicated it can be, do you feel as though SPLTStream takes the stress out of split camming?

Split camming is always introduced on cam sites as a sort of ‘advanced’ method of camming. When I first came across the idea, I scoffed at how big of a deal people made out of it. “How hard can it be? I know dudes streaming to 3 different platforms at once, having meaningful viewer interactions, and seemingly making consistent donations throughout their live stream. These dudes can barely get through a Taco Bell drive through unscathed! If they can do it, I can do it!”

What I didn’t know at the time was that they had an app that had integrated all of the engagement aspects of live streaming across multiple platforms into a unified feed. None of the apps or services available on the market, until now, even come close to offering that level of integration and control for cam platforms.

The first time I attempted to split cam on other services, I crashed my computer. The second time, I got overwhelmed with browser windows in less than five minutes. I should have changed the title of that stream to “Watch This Hot Girl Type!” I totally lost my ability to control the rooms as a whole and guide the viewers. Instead, they were running me, and I ended up shutting my computer down mid-stream from total panic.

It dawned on me that without an app that unified the viewer engagement aspects of the different platforms into an easily digestible feed, I would never be able to pull off more than 2 semi-dead streams at a time.

SPLTStream does everything I imagined other mainstream services could do if only they supported cam platforms. Unified chat? Check. Lovense integration? Check. Easily digestible information graphics on screen to let you know stream status? Absolutely. If I want to run a live stream to three platforms, I easily can. And, I don’t run the risk of losing a browser window, crashing my computer, turning my computer into lava from overclocking, having a panic attack because I can’t figure out which window the pings are coming from, or having to fake Lovense toy reactions upon realizing one platform didn’t connect properly. It just works.

What makes SPLTStream different from regular split camming?

SPLTStream actually provides the integration you wanted when you signed up for [insert mainstream camming app/ service here… Say, Restream…], but forgot to read the fine print for which would have told you that adult platforms are not and will not be supported in the near future. Not only that, but it takes the processing and data load off of you. And, it’s EASY! I like the tech side of camming, but I have become so exhausted by the lack of centralized knowledge available within the community and the constant need to educate myself to work through tech issues that I’m 100% sure someone else has had, but no one talks about. The number of hours I’ve spent setting up and working through the tech side easily dwarfs my time spent on cam.

Using SPLTStream gives you your time back. You don’t have to guess at what bitrate to encode at for your stream dimensions. You’re not trying to reconcile the fact that one platform prefers 16:9 ratios while another needs 4:3 feeds. All the excessive settings profiles you fussed over in OBS? A thing of the past. You sign into the app, connect your platform accounts, choose your camera and mic sources, and choose ‘Go Online’. It’s easy. And, less time fussing over the tech leaves more time for you to be on cam making money. (I mean, I’ve tried to run a ‘Jolene Learns Technology’ stream, but I have yet to turn that into anything more than viewers telling me about basic settings in OBS as if maybe my memory functions like that guy in Memento. Anyone with better experiences feel free to DM me.)

Is signing up for SPLTStream worth it even if they don’t support the site you’re currently active on?

Yes! Every platform has a different community of viewers, and it can definitely be jarring when you’re used to the unspoken rules of one site over another. But, the goal is to maximize viewership opportunities to create a loyal base. It’s simply more efficient to split in order to achieve that goal vs. spending hours upon hours on cam at different times of the day on one platform at a time to figure out what works best for you.

Not only that, but in the hours spent where you’re trying to optimize viewership potential on a single platform, you’re likely killing your camscore. You know, that pesky little number that haunts each and every one of us hoping to break into and hold onto a slot in the top 100? It can be destroyed during your first few hours of camming while you’re still getting your feet wet. Recovering from that is hard work!

And, there are going to be times when you’re camming against models that are either professionals (Have you tried camming on Cam4 when Romi Rain is being featured?) or are simply way more established than you are. In those events, what are you going to do? Say goodbye to $200+ for the day? You don’t have to if you’re also streaming on two other platforms at the same time. It’s like a built in backup.

Are the sites that SPLTStream offers connections with easy to sign up for and do they seem to have good traffic?

SPLTStream really managed to include a great variety of platforms for models to choose from. All the platforms are well-reputed and offer safe and secure payout options. The signup processes can vary from being completed in 5-10 minutes to taking 30+ minutes. (Although, I find this variation is caused by my personal inability to hold a piece of paper with the date and my name written on it, as well as my ID, in one hand and attempting to take a selfie with my phone in the other hand that both frames me correctly, but also provides a readable picture of my ID. User experience may vary.)

The joy of using SPLTStream is that you don’t have to worry so much about one platform not having awesome traffic at that time. It’s okay. You have two other platforms you’re also streaming to to makeup for it. All you have to do is get on cam and be you!

Is the money making potential greater using SPLTStream than only one site?

Think about your best night on your favorite platform… What if you could triple the number of viewers you could reach during that night? That’s SPLTStream. You’re putting in the same amount of work, but gaining the ability to double and triple your return.

What is your favorite part of SPLTStream?

Have I mentioned the analytics yet? At the end of each stream, you can get detailed breakdowns of your earnings across all the sites. Want to see your highest tipper? That data is easily available. Want to know what hour you brought in the most tips? Okay. Did you try something new in your stream and want instant feedback on if it made a difference in tips? You can do that, too.

The analytics build over time so you can get snapshots and comparisons of how you’ve grown and make informed choices about how you want to move forward. It takes all of the guess work about earnings and random notebook entries post-stream and organizes the chaos into digestible, easy to understand information.

Have you ever tried regular split camming? Can you tell us what you thought of the experience?

I addressed this earlier, but it definitely did not go well. And, I do not recommend it! I honestly thought that my poor computer was going to turn into lava at any minute from how hot it was getting. I was getting anxious because the dings wouldn’t stop. And, ultimately, I ended up losing viewers due to my poor management of the stream. None of those things have happened to me with SPLTStream. It’s ‘set it and forget it’ levels of easy and brilliant.

What site did you use before SPLTStream? Has SPLTStream made you change sites completely or will you stay loyal to your site pre-SPLT?

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the community on MyFreeCams. The viewers there have given me every iteration of ‘camgirl experience’ I could have possibly imagined and then some! I feel most comfortable on that platform, for sure. However, I have branched out to Chaturbate, Cam4, BongaCams, and CamSoda because of SPLTStream. I even made accounts and held them in anticipation of SPLTStream being released so I could debut them all at once.

I definitely bounce back and forth between using SPLTStream and returning to my ‘safe space’ on MyFreeCams, but the more I build my viewership on the other platforms, the more incentive it gives me to invest in them, and that’s easy to do with SPLTStream. I don’t see myself going back to just one site. It just doesn’t make sense, especially with the earning differentials and viewership reach available through SPLT. It’s like biting the apple or taking the pill… Once you jump in, you can’t go back!

Do you feel like SPLTStream is a good option for current cam models only active on one site?

Yes, because that was me! I will always advocate trying new experiences. It’s what got me into this in the first place. And, you can’t know what you’re capable of, until you try it out. I get it! Sea Salt Caramel ice cream is awesome. But, have you tried it with blueberry granola mixed in? No? Then you have no idea what you’re missing! (Seriously, this works on both a metaphorical and totally real level. Get yourself some blueberry granola and sea salt caramel ice cream. Life changing.)

You say your established on one platform? That’s awesome! Then you have nothing to lose by trying SPLTStream on a few new platforms for an hour or two. Just starting out and trying to find your footing? Why waste hours optimizing one site at a time? You’re here to make money right? Knock it out at once!

I cannot think of a downside to using SPLTStream for any performer in any stage of their career.

Do you feel like models who are already active on one of the sites SPLTStream connects to should try it to split to the other available sites?

Of course! SPLTStream isn’t just a prettier user interface! Take advantage of what it can do. And, if one of the platforms just isn’t jiving with your vibe, that’s okay. You’ve still got 4 others to choose from.

Have you gained more fans utilizing SPLTStream for your streams?

SPLTStream has evolved my camming into something that is much more structured than what it was or I could have ever imagined it could be. I have gained a great base of viewers and a super steady clientele of 1×1 regulars. It’s made the income much more reliable and given me a freedom I hadn’t imagined before. I honestly thought it would take me another year to get to where I am.

I’m not anywhere near hitting the Top 100 on all platforms every stream, but the expansion of viewership and access to viewers has practically fast-tracked me to what I thought that bench mark would be like. Knowing that that benchmark is something I’m still striving towards is mind-bending at times. “It can get better than this?” Apparently, yes. And, I’m all in!

If you had to compare your income before discovering SPLTStream to now using SPLTStream, would you say it’s greater than it was before?

Good Lord, yes. It’s not even up for discussion. Struggling to get traction on Twitter? What if you had tripled your viewership in the first week? Feel like you’re stuck in a rut on one platform? SPLTStream makes it so much easier to try out new platforms and expand your brand outreach without all the extra behind the scenes hustle. (And, I know, that hustle is real!)

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