Streamate: June 2019 News and Updates


Streamate has announced their news and updates for June of 2019.

Streamate has sent out their monthly update regarding news and site updates to all models, you will find a copy of this information in your messages from your dashboard.


June 2019 News and Updates

Newsletter Translations in Spanish and Russian
We’re excited to announce that we will be translating these newsletters and other major announcements into Spanish and Russian! For now, smaller news updates will continue to be English only. If a translation is available, you’ll see links at the top of the message. We hope this helps more of our models around the world stay up-to-date on the latest Streamate news!

Reminder: Qualify for Priority Placement
Is your stream getting the highest possible placement boost? If you’re streaming with one of our supercharged methods and have a resolution of 720p or higher, your stream meets our highest quality standards and is getting priority placement! Read more on the Placement help page and follow the tips there to improve the quality of your stream.

We’ve continued to improve priority placement to boost your stream faster and smooth out the process. We hope you can take advantage of this great way to make your stream more visible to viewers!

SMConnect Chat and Page Improvements
Performers streaming through SMConnect know that the page updates frequently with new features and options. Check out the latest additions below!

First up, we’ve added several chat improvements we know you’ve been waiting for:

– Your chat room will now automatically switch views when you start a show. When a paid show begins, chat will switch to the “Paid” view. When the show is over, you’ll automatically go back to the “All” view. This should save you some clicks and help you get the show started faster.
– Never miss a message! If a member sends you a chat while you’re in a different view, their name will light up in blue. Click their name or the chat room they’re in to read the message.
– Use the settings menu to flip your chat scroll direction so new messages appear at the top. This can help you keep your eyes closer to your camera so you’re always looking at your viewers.
– As a reminder, you can easily adjust the width of your chat space by hovering over the areas between columns. Click and drag between the columns on the left to resize your video and chat space. Click once between the columns on the right to hide the widget area.

There are even more updates to the rest of the page to give you the tools you need for a great stream:

– In addition to Chrome, SMConnect is now available in Firefox! We’re working to add support for more browsers in the future.
– Audio options are here! Hover over your video to adjust or mute your volume. You can also turn individual audio notifications on or off in the settings menu (gear icon) under “Preferences.”
– Watch the potential members counter to see the number of logged-out viewers watching your free chat. Slow room? Give these viewers a wave and invite them to join! Read more about this number here. If you don’t want to see this counter, you can turn it off in the settings menu. (If you have geographic restrictions on, this number will always be 0.)
– Quickly view notes and stars right in SMConnect. Click on a member’s name in your chat list. Then, click the folder icon to see your most recent note, or click the star to star that contact in your mailbox. Read more about this handy update.

As always, we’d love to know what you think! Do you love the new updates? Do any of them need more work? We’re currently building more requested features that we hope to share with you soon!

New Version of SMBroadcast for the Classic Streaming Page
If you’re streaming through the classic streaming page, we hope you’re pairing it with SMBroadcast: Cam2Cam, the only encoder that will give you supercharged speed and let you qualify for the priority placement boost.

We recently released a new version of this encoder with improved Cam2Cam handling for members on mobile, as well as several other updates for better performance. To switch, download the new version below or directly from the help page.

Uninstall your current program and install the new version to make sure you’re getting the most out of the classic streaming page!

New Update for Neon Live Streaming
Neon Live Streaming is an app that brings streaming right to your phone. Both the Android and iOS versions have had recent updates to improve performance. We also added a way to submit direct feedback. Log into your Streamate Models account on the app. Make sure you’re not currently streaming, then tap the gear icon and find the “Send Feedback” button. Your default email app will open. Type in anything you want to share and hit send.

The Android version of the app now plays sound notifications! This update will be coming to iOS soon, along with additional sound controls for both versions.

If you want to learn more and try mobile streaming for yourself, visit the Neon Live Streaming help page. Don’t forget to follow the instructions that will let you log in directly to your Streamate Models account and chat with your viewers!

Payment Method Updates
If you are paid directly through us, here are a few updates about available payment options:

Interested in wire payments? We recently expanded individual wires to be available to most parts of the world.
If you’re a Colombian model, JuicyService is a payment method designed just for you! JuicyService has recently lowered their rates, making this a great time to check it out.
To check out these options, log into your account and go to the payment method page. Click through the options to read more. The page will let you know if you qualify and what you need to do to sign up and get started.

Helpful Tips: How to Spot and Report Fraud
Streamate is constantly watching for fraud to make the site a safer place for all. We want to remind you that your reports help us track down fraud faster and also protects your account during investigations.

Keep an eye out for these scenarios, which could mean a member is using a stolen card, laundering money, or otherwise involved in fraud:

– New members you don’t know who quickly max out their spending on you.
– Members who claim to be using the site illegally.
– Members who say they are using someone else’s card.
– Members who try to recruit you for some form of offsite business.
– Members who ask for your help and promise to send you money, gift cards, etc.
– Members who claim to be hackers, or who contact you through multiple unique accounts. (Note: This is different than when a member changes their display name.)
If you see these or any other suspicious situations, it is safest to report it! Click the member’s name and open the User Details window. Then click the big “Report” button at the top. You’ll be asked for a reason and can type in a few notes. After that, feel free to kick or block the member from your room.

As described in our Performer Code of Conduct, if you are found to be involved or helping with fraud, your account could be closed and any fraudulent earnings will be removed. To protect your account and your earnings, always report suspicious activity when you see it. If you have any questions about when to report, feel free to contact us.

We hope you’re having a great June so far! Make sure to contact us if you have any feedback or questions about the topics in this newsletter.

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