Celestia Vega Sets Record Camming On MFC: 20,000 Viewers, Breaks The Site

Celestia Vega’s Porn Ambitions Might Have Came Earlier Than Expected

Celestia Vega’s Camming On MFC: 20,000+ Viewers, Causes Issues

It’s a typical Friday afternoon/evening (depending where you’re located) and you’re getting ready for cam, all dressed up feeling great, you go to log in and… wait, it’s not working? This is a problem many MyFreeCams models faced for quite a few hours due to a new YouTube crossover star making her first appearance on the site, drawing an audience of over 20,000 viewers. The most popular rooms below her boasting of 1,500 or less…all the while two MFC admins were sitting in her room (supposedly on the lookout for bots.)


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The MyFreeCams Community Has Mixed Emotions On Celestia Vega

Many models and customers alike had mixed opinions about the situation. It was generally agreed that considering how popular MyFreeCams is and how many models and customers traffic the site gets a day, that they should have provided enough server space for all of their models and members to use the site. No matter how many viewers a room happens to collect. Due to the issues on MFC, many of Celestia’s fans called for her to move to Chaturbate who they claimed “was more prepared for numbers like that.”


Who Is Celestia Vega – Social Media Queen Turned Camgirl?

So, who is Celestia Vega? She’s a YouTube sensation turned webcam model, with over 500k subscribers on YouTube. She was 18 the day of her first  MFC broadcast which took place the day before her 19th birthday (8/12/2017). Not only does she make YouTube videos, but she is also a Twitch streamer, with the general positivity and attitude of someone who is used to online interaction.

On her first webcam stream, she came in with her game face on, and props to her! It worked! Her videos on YouTube range from “nerdy yet sexy gamer girl” to “PORN AT 1 MILL” (that’s literally a title of hers) and it is no wonder she took off so successfully since she also came in the industry with the aid of a friend who was in the room with her helping guide her countdowns and room topics as her room helper.


Do All New Models Have This Much Success?

Not everyone gets the great start that Celestia does, a lot of cam models struggle to move through the ranks after many months or even years in the industry. It is an important time to remember to support your fellow cam community and uplift each other, as well as taking advantage of the newest influx of MFC members that a high profile YouTuber has brought to the site!


Update 5/7/2018: Celestia Vega In Mainstream Porn

Although Celestia Vega hasn’t been active on MyFreeCams since her debut, there is some exciting news. Celestia Vega is doing mainstream porn. The internet celebrity has partnered with LA Direct, a talent agency for the adult industry, who’s going to be representing Vega and booking shoots for her. This comes after releasing an amateur clip on Pornhub that received negative feedback, but still got over 10-million Pornhub views.