Mainstream Social Media Gets Less Adult Friendly by Aerie SM

Twitter Marketing

Mainstream Social Media Removing Adult Content From TOS

Social media sites that were once the friends of adult industry workers, partially built on our audiences, sites we as a community have become loyal to… are now cracking down. We already lost Tumblr, which used to be a great source of advertising before they started to shadowban certain tags, and the accounts posting on those hashtags.

This was partially brought on because Yahoo purchased them and was looking to take the site in a new direction, now Tumblr is still full of porn but it’s just much harder to find and not much use to someone looking to advertise.


Twitter Is The Latest To Tighten Terms On NSFW Content

In the latest news, Twitter will be cracking down on adult entertainers. Their claim is that they will be banning accounts that “show NSFW content which was not asked for”. For example, if someone following you is technically not giving their consent to viewing your NSFW content.  So what does this mean for adult industry workers? It means if you post something deemed NSFW in a way which is “unsolicited”, then you will probably have your account banned.

Usually, Twitter cracks down harder on sex worker accounts anyway. Once your account has been reported and banned, it’s damn near impossible to get it back. With this update, it will also allow Twitter to ban accounts that haven’t been reported, on the basis of posting NSFW content. This leads me to believe they will be tracking certain hashtags to keep tabs on what accounts to shadowban or permanently ban.


What Social Media Alternatives Are Left For Camgirls?

With Tumblr gone, and Twitter fleeting, we are left asking; what’s left? Instagram seems to be the go-to for many models now, especially since they’ve introduced stories and Instagram Live. These features allow you to stay in contact with your fan base and be very interactive, all the while the content you post has to remain SFW according to their terms of service.

There are some good things about these changes though. There will be no more “giving away too much” in advertisements, teasers and previews. Giving away too much would mean risking an account ban, which from a business standpoint isn’t worth doing. While these updates are super inconvenient, it will also level out the advertising playing field, and hopefully lead to the introduction of a new adult friendly social media platform in the near future.