The First Tier Based Digital Studio: Open / Haus

Open / Haus is a new age digital studio offering many perks to performers

Have you ever heard of a studio offering tiered options? No? Now you have, Open / Haus has 3 services tiers that can help models with a variety of perks and services in order to advance their camming career. There are options available for those looking to dip their toes in the studio setting in the form of a “Starter Pack,” or other options for performers looking for a higher level of management or assistance.

More Information about Open / Haus

Services: Digital Cam Studio
Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
Model Earnings: 12%-20% dependent on tier
Payout Schedule: Daily pay with a minimum payout of $20
Payout Method: ACH payments
Cam Splitting: Coming Soon
DMCA Services: Yes
Affiliate Program: No
Other Various Studio Perks: Daily pay, DMCA Takedown, Knowledge base of all things camming, live chat support, live tech support, profile graphics, streaming graphics, bonus programs/incentives for performers meant to encourage consistency and longevity.

Open / Haus Tiers for Performers:

Starter Pack – 12% studio fee.
Access to pre-designed profile and streaming graphics (watermarks, social stings, tip alerts, streaming overlays etc.)
Access to knowledge base and Wiki
Initial 1-on-1 meeting with an Open-Haus mentor at sign up.
Daily payments
Platform registrations
DMCA takedown services
Notifications of public and private facing livestream events: Office Hours.
Full Management – 15% studio fee.
All the above AND
Option to request/ schedule a 1-on-1 with Open-Haus Mentor every week
Twitter account management or Insta account management. Social Media Management*
Only Fans/ Just for Fans/ LF management (if requested)
Cam platform and Fan Club management
Content distribution and promotion to appropriate sources
Remote Tech Support
Model Mentorship – 20% studio fee.
All the above AND
Three days of 1-on-1 mentorship (1 hour each day) during their first week of membership to acclimate, begin compiling content , and launch on appropriate platforms.
Access to weekly insider Office Hours livestreams
Access to monthly insider livestreams with industry pros
Weekly 1-on-1 mentoring for weeks 2-4
Ability to request/ schedule show moderation.
Get access to new features first.
top performers can be part of our ‘rewards’ feature.
*After performer hits certain milestones, a performer will have access to: Custom graphics, streaming gear E.g. Lighting, mic, webcam, toys (to encourage longevity and consistency)

The studio fee goes towards paying for the cost of DMCA Takedowns, bank fees for daily payment, live chat and tech support, and various services to create graphics for performers.

Sign up for Open / Haus and Enjoy the Perks

Ready to get started? Visit their website to view more about Open / Haus, or contact them by e-mail.

You can also check out the origin story of Open / Haus directly on their blog.