Interview with Aerie Saunders – Webcam Startup CEO, Online Entertainer, and Content Creator


Webcam Startup Interview Series: Aerie Saunders – CEO of Webcam Startup and WCSU News, Fetish and Vanilla Content Creator, and Live Sex / Game Streamer

CEO of Webcam Startup and WCSU News, Aerie Saunders, joins Katy to talk about her career and motivation behind working on Webcam Startup. Aerie discusses the importance of being comprehensive on the website that is geared towards new webcam models and clip artists who are looking for help in getting started as well as the importance in consistency and trying hard in the beginning of your career. Katy and Aerie discuss how Aerie sees the industry since she deals with new models frequently and the incoming wave of Generation-Z performers who are coming of age to do pornography bringing creative and technological energy to the industry online.

Links Mentioned in the Interview

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Connect with Aerie Saunders

You can connect with Aerie by sending her an email, joining her OnlyFans, or shopping for videos on her website. She is also on many social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.