Interview with Alison Sparks – Faceless Adult Performer and YNOT Writer


Webcam Startup Interview Series: Interview with Alison Sparks – Faceless Performer, YNOT Contributor, Fetish Artist

Alison Sparks is a faceless webcam model and content creator who got their start at 18 while they were a music student, camming worked well with Sparks schedule because it was easy to schedule around schooling. Alison discusses her favorite and least favorite parts of the adult industry, experiences filming customs and editing, and the experience as a faceless model and debunking some common myths that performers may assume about faceless models like price bargaining and how she handles receiving face showing requests as a faceless performer.

Alison discusses how events are still up in the air due to COVID but that in the future she would like to attend events as well as discussing her website and switch to VXPages. This is a great interview to check out if you are someone who has considered faceless performing and would like some insight into what that is like behind the scenes.

Get in touch with Alison Sparks

You can get in touch with Alison Sparks by checking out her website, taking a peak at her ManyVids profile, giving her a call on NiteFlirt, or following her on Twitter.

You can also check out Alison Sparks writing for YNOT on YNOTCam.