What Happened to SPLTStream?


SPLTStream the cam-splitting tool hasn’t been active in a bit, but they are still alive!

If you are a beta tester of SPLTStream you may be confused about what happened to the platform. It’s been a few months with quiet and no updates, which was unusual for the cam-splitting platform that was consistently updating and upgrading to become bigger and better thanks to beta testers feedback. There is no need to fret! SPLTStream is still very much alive and well, and is currently away from active updates while they work behind the scenes to continue to expand the platform. If you are a user of SPLTStream there is no need to freak out because the platform is still active and up!

Beta Testers STILL Wanted!

Interesting in beta testing SPLTStream? Simply apply from the form on their site! Once they return to needing creator feedback they will get back to you.

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