xReels – TikTok Clone for Adult Videos

Adent Launches xReels, the new short video app clone of TikTok designed for Adult Videos

Short video sharing applications are all the rage currently which is exactly why Adent.io, the creators of xCams and xFans, have launched xReels. xReels is an innovative technology that allows the common webmaster without software building skills to have their own short video sharing application that is web based without the need for extensive coding knowledge. You simply purchase the software and hosting and edit the code as needed to suit your specific needs. The script is entirely turnkey and can be adapted to fit your brand easily.

How can I profit with xReels as a webmaster?

  1. Profit from Ads – You can use xReels with advertisement programs and profit from your ads that play between videos.
  2. Integrate with Affiliate Networks – You can use xReels to promote various networks you are affiliated with and profit from the joins from your xReels application.
  3. Drive Web Traffic – Use xReels to drive organic algorithm based web traffic to your other sites and networks.

What features does xReels come with?

  1. Social login and sign ups – Users can log in with their Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts. They can also sign up for their own organic website based account.
  2. Follows, likes, and comments – Users can interact with posts within your website created with xReels.
  3. Push notifications – Depending on if you decide to use their web based app-like experience for adult content, or opt for their app store version (not adult friendly) you can utilize push notifications.
  4. Live recording and editing – Record right from the app and edit within the app as well, requires no external technology to post to your xReels based website.
  5. Real time filters – use fun and exciting features right within the app.
  6. Automatic watermarking – let users share videos from your website that are watermarked with your website to help drive traffic to it.

What are the admin features of xReels?

  1. User management – add new users, delete users, and add videos on behalf of users.
  2. Video management – add, delete, manage categories, or view videos from within the admin backend.
  3. Content management – add or manage new web pages.
  4. Music management – add or delete music on the platform, manage background music for videos.

Launch Your xReels Website Today!

Ready to get started with xReels? You can get the Adent xReels script here! All Adent scripts are fully documented and highly customizable. With the xReels software, webmasters can easily launch their very own TikTok clone web app / site. Jump into the lucrative short video based business model. Adent also offers various other services such as consultation, installation and customization, if you need additional assistance getting started.